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Freakonomics Calls Out CMC?

October 28, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
Freakonomics Calls Out CMC?

SuperFreakonomics author and last Thursday's Athenaeum speaker Steven Levitt might have given CMC an indirect shout-out in a post today on his NYT blog:

I gave a talk not too long ago on a college campus. The event was sold out, so the administration started a waiting list for seats.The daughter of a good friend found herself on the waiting list. When I heard she still hadn’t gotten a ticket the day before the event, with just a touch of guilt for trying to bend the rules, I emailed a Dean at the college whom I know:
Dear G—-,
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. There is a young woman named B——- who is on the wait list. Is there any chance you can get her in?
The Dean called me back almost immediately, asking whether B—— had applied early-action or was going through the January admissions process.Confused, I told him I had no idea and all I knew was that she was a freshman. Only then did he realize that I was just trying to get her a seat in the auditorium, and I realized that he thought I was trying to get her accepted into the college!

Could this anonymous Dean G--- be none other than our own Greg Hess, Dean of the Faculty?  From their personal rapport and Levitt's mention of going "way back" with Hess at the Ath talk, it's likely the case.  If so, it's the second time this week Hess and SuperFreakonomics have been linked in the national press; his review of Levitt's book appears in yesterday's Los Angeles Times.

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