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Follow the Congress Simulation Coverage Online!

March 30, 2009

by Abhi Nemani
Follow the Congress Simulation Coverage Online!

Once again, Professor Pitney's Congress class will conduct its legendary Congress simulation this week. Some students from Pitney's Politics of Journalism class will be covering the event on The Claremont Beat. The blog will feature video coverage and articles throughout the week, keeping you up-to-date on the Congressional drama (watch the video above to see how intense it gets).

Here's some more background on the simulation from Pitney's website: "Each participant in this exercise will play a role, either of a member of the United States Senate, or a member of the Executive branch... Throughout the simulation you must represent the role you are playing as accurately as possible. Do not present your own political views as those of your role." Usually, CMC squares off against Pomona along partisan lines, but this year since Pomona isn't offering the counterpart course, Pitzer will join CMC in Congress, with a group of CMCers playing the Republicans and a mixed Pitzer-CMC team acting as the Democrats. In addition, Pitzer will be fielding the executive branch this year. The simulation starts tonight, so if you're interested in seeing what happens, be sure to follow along at

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