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Fathers of the Nephilim(1): a Theological Sonnet

April 30, 2009

by The Forum
Fathers of the Nephilim(1): a Theological Sonnet

Like things of clay, the sons of God did caveupon the sight of the daughters of men; their fairness lowered angels down to knaves; against the flesh, divines could not defend.

They came down from heaven’s throny glory, foregoing godly company above. Would it profane to call them horny abandoning their Lord for earthly love?

But God refused to see his spirit corrupted, again fearing Adam’s near second sin(2), He made man’s life further interrupted, for soul was never meant to stay wrapped in skin.

“I am that I am”(3) says the jealous God(4) “My greatness no half-angel shall dislodge”


1For those readers who do not wake early enough on a Sunday morning to hear their preacher’s prattle see Genesis 6:1-4.2See Genesis 3:22-24.3Exodus 3:144Exodus 34:14

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