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Dan Pawson, CMC '03, Kind of a Big Deal

March 28, 2009

by Abhi Nemani
Dan Pawson, CMC '03, Kind of a Big Deal

Really. He just accomplished one of everyone's geeky childhood dreams (well at least mine): he won Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions. After winning the two-round final, he takes home $250,000, adding to his record $170,000 from the regular season shows, all of which makes him a surprisingly well-off legislative assistant. But the money is just icing; the real win is the title, Champion of Champions. Well done, Dan. You can watch the surprisingly addictive episodes here (part 1, part 2); highlights include a $22 double jeopardy and two decisive final rounds. If you're really bored this weekend, you can actually go through all of the questions on this site. (And here's a way to make all of this a bit more interesting.)

H/t: Claremont Conservative

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