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Culture Yourself, CMC

January 31, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
Culture Yourself, CMC

Check out the new exhibition at the Pomona Museum of Art.  No, really.

  • Free posters. The first piece in the exhibition is a stack of posters.  There are four different versions, featuring a random individuals and flickr tag-esque text at the bottom.  Way more original than that poster of Pulp Fiction you were going to buy at the poster sale.  Seriously...the artist wants you to take a poster.  There are even rubber bands supplied so you can roll it up and take it home.

  • An axe in the wall. Another piece consists of busted-up drywall and the axe that responsible for the busting up.  Go complain about how you could do the same thing and no one would call it art.  Then realize  that he did it first and get over it.

  • Interactive audio/visual installation. Further along in the exhibition.  This one somehow combines a audio track of views at Mono Lake, heat censor cameras, and the artist's childhood (....what?). Changes depending on where you are within the installation.

The show is called suddenly: where we live now, so all of the pieces are supposed to do with a sense of place, the artist's environment, surroundings, landscape, etc. Lots of stuff by artists based in or influenced by Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.  Huge range of media (video installation, painting, performance, photography).  Official info from Pomona here.  Official exhibition website here. Pomona College Museum of Art is at the southeastern edge (close to the village) of Pomona's campus.  And of course, admission is FREE.

Picture: ©Reed College Fritz Haeg , "Animal Estates:05 Portland, Oregon " 2008 Installation Detail

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