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CMCNation: The Prank Feud

June 11, 2009

by The Forum
CMCNation: The Prank Feud

Revelation... our graduates have a great sense of humor. We spotted this great story from Carol Hartman '86 on CMC Nation and decided it was worth a repost. Enjoy. It all ended with a box of bisquick, a bottle of teriyaki and a can of corn.

I just read some of the many memories from CMC alumni and they are all too true! Certainly there have been mentions of ASCMC funds paying for parties and trips to LA and Vegas, but what happens on campus…..does it stay on campus?

After coming home from a very long debate tournament at 3AM and needing to be rested and ready to return at 6AM, I found my bed short sheeted with flour in it. I knew who did it. They lived next door. They were very cute and good natured, but I got pretty mad.

At 3:01AM I peaked in on them, their window open to the cool, fall evening air and noticed the hose next to my foot. I completely soaked the boys, their sheets and mattresses and it was game on. Once they dried out, they found the time to find 100’s of snails and put them in our refrigerator. Our respective houses were locked up pretty tight after that, but both sides waited for another opportunity.

One of my roommates was able to fit in the narrow window above their shower. I think she landed on her head, but we were in! We did everything we could: salt/sugar exchanges, dye in the shampoo, vaseline on the phone, cellophane wrap, rewiring the stereo….it was bad. We had about an hour to wreck havoc in their house.

The silence for days after was ominous. The boys did nothing to acknowledge the horrible antics. That was really the scariest part. Our bathroom window lock was broken so we nailed a 2x6 board over it to keep them out, but there was some space for light and moisture.

Then one of them came over, needing to use our bathroom. He claimed that his roommate was “having an episode” and he really needed to use ours. He agreed to be frisked, seemed to be without the tools or equipment to do any damage, so we let him in. When he left, he smirked. We knew they did something.

The sculpture made from bisquick, teriyaki sauce and a can of corn is AMAZINGLY realistic, especially in the bathroom setting. The imagination, creativity and overall hilariousness ended the prank feud. The whole thing is one of my best college memories. In fact, I am having breakfast with the Mastermind next week.

Carol Hartman graduated in 1986 with a degree in Government. She is founder and principal of The Hartman Group, a retained executive search firm.

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