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CMChacker: Smarter Phones

September 16, 2009

by Nirant Gupta
CMChacker: Smarter Phones

Editor's Note: CMChacker will be a new regular Forum column inspired by websites like Lifehacker. Author Nirant Gupta will give weekly tips on how to save time,  pinch pennies, work smarter, and just be a tighter person.

Did the roommate come to school with a shiny new iPhone? Are you coming down with a case of phone-envy?

Get an iPod Touch.  Apple just slashed costs so you can get one relatively inexpensively. The great thing about having an iPod Touch is that it negates the need for a SmartPhone.  Most of us are mostly on campus, which means we have wi-fi access.  Constant wi-fi + iTouch = free smart phone.  Instead of shelling out $80/month for one, get onto your family's plan with a “Dumb” phone and use your free Smartphone.  You'll save an obscene amount of money.

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