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Campus Mourns the Death of Free Thought

April 14, 2009

by The Forum
Campus Mourns the Death of Free Thought

5-C students awoke this morning to find a venue of campus debate suddenly gone. The comments section of the notorious Claremont Conservative blog has been disabled by the blog's author, CMC sophomore Charles Johnson. "I have to disproportionately punish you," Johnson wrote in a post to his readers. "All I want to do is talk about ideas."

Campus reactions to Johnson's ban were mixed.

"I read the comments section every day for the fruitful debates that always transpired there," said one CMC senior.

"Isn't his blog's catchphrase 'Free Thought is Back'?" wondered a professor, who said he is a frequent anonymous commenter.

"Who's a censor-in-chief now?" wailed a freshman Starkie, who then tore his clothes.

"I don't have the time to explain or argue against everything said in the comment section," Johnson continued in this morning's post. He is known for his tendency to dog commenters with personal responses.

Said one baseball player, "You can take away my comments, but you can never take away my freedom!" He was then seen running into Ryal Lab. We've learned that he's now started

Abhi Nemani, editor here at the CMC Forum, had a characteristically web-based solution to the problem.

"The beauty of blogging is that its easily syndicated. It'd be simple to publish all of Charles' content on another blog, where comments aren't disabled. We've got Web 2.0. Why stem the tide of free debate? I'm thinking"

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