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Calling all opinionated CMCers; that is, all of you.

September 22, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
Calling all opinionated CMCers; that is, all of you.

We're pleased to announce the topic for the Forum's Debate Night at the Ath on Monday, September 28: Is CMC a true liberal arts college? Do we still emphasize general knowledge or is CMC becoming a specialized pre-professional school?  As the College expands its student body, adds a master's program, and redesigns some of its core curriculum, has the school lost sight of its founding?  Or is it evolving for the better (i.e. for higher rankings?). These issues impact our day-to-day life, ranging from our course options to our  reputation off-campus, so as the Board of Trustees begins crafting a new strategic plan, students deserve an opportunity to discuss them. Now thanks to a partnership with the Ath, we now do. We invite you to sign upInvite your friends! If nothing else, it's a chance to see some familiar faces in the Athenaeum, while enjoying a good meal and drinking some wine.

What's more, you could be one of those faces. You suggested the topics and voted on them-- now we're asking you to debate the issues.  This is your chance to stand on a Forum-provided soap box and share your thoughts on a relevant topic with a captive audience.  Just send us an email if you're interested.

Since none of us can be serious for too long, there will be a second debate that night on a lighter topic.  The topic could be anything from, "Should Abhi Nemani get the three piece suit or the two piece?" to  "True or false: Fulbright applications suck the life out of anyone who attempts them?"  We'll announce this topic on the night of the debate.

E-mail us ( if you're interested in speaking on Debate Night.  Tell us whatever you want-- just your name and why you're interested, a summary of your main points on the theme, or whether you're excited for the Foam Party this Saturday. Depending upon response, the Forum will select speakers as the format allows.

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