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Bon Appétit does Vegas with Jet Tila

November 28, 2009

by Victoria Hetz
Bon Appétit does Vegas with Jet Tila

Already tired of what Collins Dining Hall has to offer? Bon Appétit Management Company, CMC’s food service provider, is planning a "Star Chef Night"  at CMC this Tuesday,  December 1 as well as at Pitzer the next day.  The Star Chef Night will include a visit from acclaimed chef Jet Tila, who will perform exhibition cooking and interact with CMCers. For those unfamiliar with Jet Tila’s work, Tila is the executive chef for the restaurant Wazuzu in Las Vegas, a consult to Bon Appétit Management Company, and a specialist in pan-Asian cuisine. "America's already very accustomed to Chinese and Japanese food, so it's time to bring in bolder flavors," Tila said in the Los Angeles Times, "Indian flavors, Singaporean flavors, and of course, Thai – I think Thai has been misrepresented. I'm trying to bring it back to what it's supposed to be."

In this spirit, Tila has prepared the following menu: Vietnamese pork sandwiches, an Asian noodle bar containing vegetarian, chicken and beef  and stir fry, and wild salmon entrées at the Exhibition station.

But delicious  food is not Star Chef Night’s only attraction. Bon Appétit will also be raffling off a weekend for two at Las Vegas' Encore Hotel along with dinner at Wazuzu. Raffle tickets will be sold following the dinner (around 7 pm) so plan on attending if you want to enter your name in the raffle. If this didn’t whet your appetite, check out Tila in action below.

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