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Because thesis sucks...

November 27, 2009

Because thesis sucks...
by The Forum

Oh hai there seniors.

Not that any of us need reminders, but this upcoming Monday is a big day for thesis. What better way to put off the inevitable work then to play a flash game? 

Yes, you have last time's addicting flash game, but how about something new? The best part? There is only one level. Yes, it's even called This is the Only Level. In this remarkably simple game you must figure out a way to move your avatar (an elephant) to the exit on the bottom right. While there is only one "level," there are multiple stages, and each stage is different. You may think that you have figured it out immediately, but you will need to be careful though--obstacles abound, and the rules constantly change. In many ways This is the Only Level is a strategy-puzzle game. In order to figure out how to beat each stage, read and ponder the stage title in the bottom left corner.

So enjoy this flash game, seniors (and non-seniors) during this break and beyond. And remember--the best part about this game is that you can tell yourself "I'll just play one level." Self-denial FTW...

*In case you can't figure out a stage, there is a walkthrough. On the other hand, if you're going to cheat at a  game, why not just do work.

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