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ASCMC Morning Report: March 30

March 29, 2009

by Cara Daley
ASCMC Morning Report: March 30

Oh what up, CMC--I’ll be filling the big (or not so big) shoes of Tammy Phan as Executive Secretary for ASCMC’s Exec Board (click here to see a list of the new group). When something of note goes down at these meetings, it is my job to relay all of this to you all, the wonderful CMC student body. Hold on, it’s going to be a wild ride. The brand new ASCMC Exec Board met for the first time yesterday. Here are the updates:

1. Hooray! The Latin-America Business Council is now an official club. If you are a member, look forward to subsidization for your trip to Mexico. If you want to join, contact President Guillermo Bravo Beneitez ’11 for more information.

2. Looking for an eligible CMC bachelor? Tired of questioning your ability to decode the effects of Claremont goggles? Lucky for you, Mr. Stag is coming up! If you want to be a contestant, start planning your “talent.”

That’s all for now, I’m already excited to talk to you all next week.

Love, Cara

Cara Daley

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