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ASCMC Morning Report: April 13

April 13, 2009

by Cara Daley
ASCMC Morning Report: April 13

Dear CMC, do you read this? Is this interesting and/or useful in your life? If so, humor me with some comments. I feel left out--everyone else on The Forum gets them :’( On with the updates from last night’s Exec Board meeting:

1. With sweeping decisiveness, Exec Board approved club recognition for Claremont Finance Club, Claremont Boxing Club, and a socially-liberal-fiscally-conservative publication: Liberty’s Last Stand (separate from the Libertarian Club). Finance and Boxing? Oh yes.

2. Assassins is still going strong. Back-stabbing and extreme stalking abounds. Just don’t be like Eric Zacharias and never leave your room.

3. Want to know what is going down next weekend? If you aren’t lucky enough to be hitting up Coachella, check out the sick banner on Green Beach for a little clue.

I ride my bike to the club,


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