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ASCMC Appointed Positions (in case you missed the email)

March 3, 2009

by The Forum
ASCMC Appointed Positions (in case you missed the email)

ASCMC is composed of both elected and appointed board members. We voted on the elected officials yesterday; now it's time to fill the appointed positions. There are five available appointed positions:

  • Chief Financial Officer (Mike Shambon) - Responsible for writing the checks, keeping the books, serving on budget committee, filing taxes. This is a big time commitment.

  • Campus Organizations Chair (Josh Siegel) - Manage club budgets, serve on budget committee to allocate student fees, distribute/spend a discretionary fund.

  • Forum Editor (Ross Boomer) - Manage The Forum website, writers, and serve as an adviser to the Executive Board.

  • Executive Secretary (Tammy Phan) - Take minutes at meetings, serve on the Executive Board, budget commitee and vote on all ASCMC board matters.

  • President Pro-Tempore (Shamil Hargovan) - Deal with the ASCMC Constitution, ethics, senate procedures, etc.

Each of these positions carries significant responsibility and has an important role of every part of ASCMC, as we all work together.  You must be on campus all year. If you are interested and have any questions regarding a position, please contact myself, Isayas, Josh, any of the people listed above, or post a comment here. You can see more details about specific job descriptions and duties in the ASCMC Constitution.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send a cover letter and resume to Story House Box #1170. Applicants for the Chief Financial Officer position should include a transcript (official or unofficial). All applications must be delivered to Story House by noon on Friday, March 6th.

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