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Announcing Mr. Stag 2009

April 13, 2009

by The Forum
Announcing Mr. Stag 2009

Mr. Stag is CMC's annual beauty manliness pageant featuring many stags competing to be Mr. Stag. Vying for this year's title: Kestrel Arps, Austin Soldner, Greg Hall, Alex Caldwell, Charlie McMahon, Moose Halpern, Aleksis Psychas, Joe S., Nick Wright. Watch them compete in a swimsuit contest, personal talent show, mock interview, and pick-up attempt. And if that's not enough drama to bring you to Pickford Auditorium this Friday at 7:00pm, then come for the Censor-in-Chief v. Claremont Conservative brawl: Ross Boomer will host and Charles Johnson will judge. See you there, CMC.

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