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And the winner is...TAP WATER!

March 30, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
And the winner is...TAP WATER!

Last night at Snack, the Environmental Crusaders held an event for their Tap Water Campaign. Everyone hates the stuff that comes out of the tap at CMC (cloudy with a funny taste), so many students revert to the environmentally harmful bottled stuff. The Crusaders ran a taste test-- providing both bottled water and filtered tap water for students to sample. Club member Joe Swartley '11 reports, "We got a surprising number of people to stop by, and most of them found the filtered tap water to be tastier than the bottled water. "

Okay, so this wasn't exactly scientific, but still great news if some people were convinced to start using a filter.

The Crusaders hope to hold more events at Snack in the future-- stay posted for their next move.

Not convinced of the ridiculousness of bottled water? Check out this video from libertarian comedian magicians Penn & Teller:

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