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8:27 Procrastination - SLC Candidates

February 25, 2009

by The Forum
8:27 Procrastination - SLC Candidates

ASCMC Elections are upon us! For the next few nights we'll be featuring profiles of all the candidates to keep you updated and informed. Tonight's is for the Student Life Chair.  The SLC is in charge of organizing dry events for CMC students. The outgoing SLC is Courtney Cikach. You can read Cameron Hanson's and Kenley Turville's comments below.


One word to describe Cameron Hanson: CREATIVE. Not only am I a reliable, hardworking, and organized student, but I promise to deliver creative and innovative SLC activities. I have been on the SLC committee since second semester freshman year and I know what it takes to put on a stellar event. I have a plethora of ideas: Halloween pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving pie sampling, Holiday cookie decorating and gingerbread house making, make-your-own Valentines, s'mores around the campfire, campus-wide scavenger hunt, TV tapings, trivia nights, poker tournaments, make-your-own sushi, massages during exam week, outdoor movies, Girl Scout cookies night, movie and TV marathons, tie dying, henna tattooing, and subsidized rock climbing, movie premieres, sports games, beach trips, and amusement parks. I am easy and pleasant to work with, and I promise to give my best to you, the student body. Vote Cameron for SLC Chair!


Heyyy! My name is Kenley Turville and I'm a junior running for Student Life Committee Chair. I am a very outgoing and friendly person and guarantee a fantastic year. As the SLC Chair I promise to plan fun and exciting activities that will unite the entire student body. I will have events where all students feel welcome and provide an environment where every student feels comfortable. I am down to continue the successful activities from the past and take suggestions for future events. My biggest goal is to welcome every student of CMC and to ensure they participate in my activities. I give you my word that next year's activities will be an absolute blast if you give me your vote!

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