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8:27 Procrastination: Stop Motion Makes My Brain Hurt

September 29, 2009

by Julie Hailue
8:27 Procrastination: Stop Motion Makes My Brain Hurt

This video is probably the most fluid and intricate stop motion short I have ever seen in the history of motion or stopping.

That being said, I could totally do that on know, if I felt like it or whatever... What? No seriously, I swear I could... wait, like right right now? ...snap. I forgot I have to...paint my..uh... so yeah, just not a good time, with all of the things and stuff... yeah, probably would be pretty "gnar" but, I should really... 'cause I said I'd be at the thing soon, sooo... but yeah totally, next time I see you though, we'll... Huh? When will that be? Good question, gooooood que -- You know what? I'm actually out of town for a bit. Yeah. Uh-huh, for business so, see you lat --Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah, I know right? gotcha...recession, economy, bad... yup. Alright, legit, well I'll -- Yeah, my people will call yo -- oh. You don't have people? oh. Okay well, how about you get people and once you have people then my people will find your people and we can - yeah, then I will totally, totally, for sure do. that. uh, the thing.. with the, um... aaah... fuck it.

*NOTE: No, it's not deja vu, the video does repeat itself about half way through. The only other plausible explanation is that there was a glitch in The Matrix. In that case, you should probably know that there is no spoon - Keanu knows all.

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