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8:27 Procrastination: Obamabot

September 28, 2009

by Julie Hailue
8:27 Procrastination: Obamabot

Obama is famous for his handsome presidential grin, but there is something amiss here... I smell an android.

Once The Terminator became our Cyborg Governor, it was only a matter of time until the highest position in the land was infiltrated by The Machines (yeah, I did just combine Matrix and Terminator terminology, so what? I'm an equal-opportunity conspiracy theorist).

This video is a continuous stream of 130 photos straight from the State Department's flickr - BOOM, CREDIBILITY. Watch as Obama strikes an uncannily similar facial pose in every single picture, with almost mechanical precision. (Via Daily Intel)

Just don't get duped by the congenial flash of those pearly whites - I'm pretty sure they are made of a titanium alloy of some sort... from the future.

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