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8:27 Procrastination: I Luff Fotos

October 5, 2009

by Julie Hailue
8:27 Procrastination: I Luff Fotos

Here are some photographic collections to tickle your fancy (not like that).

  1. When Signs Attack-- Okay, even for me, this collection of naughty sign malfunctions is pretty juvenile. But, goddamn if I can't help laughing at storefront signs turned into 4 letter expletives - they get me every time. The sheer improbability of those neon lights sputtering out in the most compromising of places can really only mean one thing - there is a God. And, by the looks of it, he has the comedic maturity level of a prepubescent boy.

  2. Sort of "George Lucas" meets "My 8-year old Cousin" -- Here is a collection of candid photos of stormtroopers at play, at work, and being generally awesome. Except for that whole "Henchman of the Empire" thing but, who am I to judge? If you want more, then A) here is the link to the entire collection directly from the photographer's flickr and...B) Put down the controller, take a hit of your inhaler, and GO OUTSIDE NERD.

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