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8:27 Procrastination: Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

by Emily Meinhardt
8:27 Procrastination: Happy Earth Day!

Folks who usually don't care about climate change suddenly start to pay attention when beer is threatened...

Last week, Boswell and the Environmental Crusaders teamed up for Save the Ales TNC, complete with local beer made from 100% certified organic barley and biodegradable corn cups.  To celebrate Earth Day (today, fools!), we bring you the photo petition they collected during the party.  Click the bottom right to watch in full screen and see if your friends got caught on camera holding embarrassing signs ("Get me laid: save the ales!").

What's a photo petition, you ask??  Instead of collection a bunch of signatures (boringggggg), they took pictures of people with signs saying why they supported climate change legislation and "saving the ales."

Save the Ales parties have been happening at colleges all over the country as part of the Sierra Student Coalition's climate change awareness efforts.  Climate change is having a negative effect on many crops, including hops in the Pacific Northwest (where most US breweries get their supply).  When hops crops fail, the price of beer rises and college kids with tight wallets all over the nation suffer anguish and injustice.

Did you appreciate having really nice beer at TNC and drinking out of a cup that wasn't going to spend the next 400 years sitting in a garbage dump? (I have no idea how long it takes a red cup to deteriorate...) You're in luck then, because the Crusaders hope to have at least 2 green TNCs next year.

(Full disclosure:  Yes, I used to be in charge of the Environmental Crusaders.  I still help them with some stuff, but I don't hold an officer position anymore.  If you are part of a club and would like to see your events featured on the Forum, drop us a line and tell us how awesome your events are.  If they're cool, maybe, just maybe, we'll write them up.)

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