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8:27 Procrastination: EXTREMEsportz

October 27, 2009

by The Forum
8:27 Procrastination: EXTREMEsportz

Because too much procrastination is never enough, Solon Christensen-Szalanski will now be a contributor to 8:27 Procrastination.

While Vimeo does not even come close to YouTube's viewership, it is a popular video storage site for many talented directors (that is, fewer videos of much better quality). These film directors have not only taken advantage of Vimeo to post many inspirational and educational videos, but also to utilize this high video quality support. The first video highlights the art of Wingsuit Base Jumping. Wingsuits are jumpsuits engineered to allow a human to glide at ridiculous speeds through the air. Wingsuits have been in existence since the 1930's, but it was not until the mid-1990's that a consistently safe wingsuit was designed. However, after viewing this first video, "safe" seems highly relative.

Then, if you still want some more adrenaline, join these local skateboarders, as they race down some streets near Mount Baldy, weaving in and out of traffic. I insist that you view this video in HD.

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