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5C Resources Rediscovered - HEO and Honnold/Mudd

March 1, 2009

by The Forum
5C Resources Rediscovered - HEO and Honnold/Mudd

Recently, after personally discovering the benefits of certain 5-C resources, I want to share the wealth. Health Education Outreach (HEO) and Honnold/Mudd Library are both close to campus, yet not very many students take full advantage of these places. Thus, I feel like it is my duty to spread the word...

If you are sleep-deprived and stressed, I can think of nothing better for you than twenty minutes in the massage chair at HEO. You will be sitting in the lap of luxury as you recline and listen to music of your own choosing. The massage chair is in a private room and can make for a peaceful, relaxing experience...and it's free. HEO promotes health and wellness, offering many other great services. From wellness counseling to nutrition/diet information, HEO has something that will be of interest to you. They have information about sexual health and provide free condoms (a wide variety), lubrications, and ear plugs; also, they have recently had other freebies like chapstick, candy, and pens. If you are struggling to cope with stress, or you just want to rent a DVD (they have a few), stop by HEO.

A vast majority of CMC students go or have gone to Honnold/Mudd to either study or to get a book or two. But how many students know about LINK+? Being a Literature major, my classes require that a lot of money be spent at either Huntley or on I don't always mind buying books as I realize that many will be of use in the future-in grad school or just for referencing things for fun-however, let's be honest, buying all of your required reading can get pretty expensive. For this reason, I am extremely grateful to have the LINK+ system at Honnold/Mudd. LINK+ allows students to order books (exact editions) that are not available at Honnold/Mudd, from other colleges and universities in California. While I did end up buying some books at Huntley, I saved over $200 in book expenses, this semester alone, by using the LINK+ system.

On a different note, have you ever rented a DVD from Honnold/Mudd? I just rented The Shawshank Redemption from the library. Who knew? There are literally hundreds of great movies-comedies, dramas, and foreign films-that are available on reserve. To find out what movies they have you can check online or just flip through the catalogues in the library. Whether you feel like procrastinating or you just want a study break, check out the DVD selection at the library.

Thus, because many of the perks of the 5-Cs go unrealized, I encourage every student to find the little "extras" that make our consortium worthwhile.

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