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Update: Response to Scripps DOS from Brad Walters

February 1, 2008

by Bri Riggio

The following is an "official response" written by Brad Walters, ASCMC President.

"I am deeply sorry to anyone who was inadvertently offended by the promotion of the White Party. ASCMC is a responsible and diverse organization that always aims to be sensitive to its constituents and community. The problem here was a failure of communication; the party's theme was in no way related to race, but that was poorly communicated. For that, ASCMC offers the 5-College community a sincere apology.Nevertheless, Dean Wood's response was extreme, inappropriate, and unprofessional. Rather than speaking with us in an attempt to clarify the miscommunication, she publicized her own conception. She clearly has an outdated and myopic idea of what CMC is, and that led her to point a finger rather than initiate a conversation. The fact that she involved all of the students, staff, and faculty of her college was ineffective, pointless, and downright mean-spirited."

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