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Update: Pomona contributes to Hyphy Party, Pitzer to Decide Today

October 22, 2008

by The Forum

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) has decided to contribute to the Hyphy Party, featuring E-40 and Dem Hoodstarz.  Students from Pomona, CMC, Mudd, and Scripps are encouraged to attend. The Pitzer College Student Senate will decide tonight, and we'll post that news when it becomes available.

Please see this note about Pitzer from Brian Fuerst, Social Activities Chair:

"This is not technically correct. Because of the way Pitzer's student government works, and the rushed nature of the planning for this party, they were not able to pass a vote on it by the date of the party. We are waiting for some sort of very confident assurance or confirmation that Pitzer will approve funding retroactively when they can vote. If that promise is not made, then Pitzer will not be allowed to the party.Because the opportunity to get E-40 appeared at the last minute, and the bad timing of it being right in the midst of fall break and midterms, it made it difficult for the student governments that have a more rigid structure (Pitzer, Pomona) to be able to officially commit funds. However, ASCMC is steadfast in its assurance that we will receive a fair amount of funding from each college in order for them to be able to participate in such an expensive, yet still free event.Pitzer is simply in a bad place right now, but they if they can confidently guarantee me that they will fully fund the show retroactively, they will be allowed at the show. I have not received that confirmation yet and I've set a deadline of 5 pm today for advertising and publicity purposes."

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