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The ASCMC Morning Report

November 10, 2008

by Tammy Phan

So, it's definitely midterms part deux around CMC, but take solace in the fact that the goal of having a good time in C-Mont and the greater LA area, which are easily the most sinful of cities, will definitely be fulfilled this month with all of the following events: 

1. Your SLC, Courtney Cikach, and the class presidents have got your plans covered for Sunday, November 23rd... the MLS Championship Game!! Tickets will be $10 each AND transportation will be provided. Soccer + the great company of your fellow CMCers + the questionable company of many LA/San Bernadino/OC-counties futbol fanatics = good times.

2. The seniors will be doing their traditional Vegas trip this weekend. For any underclassmen, don't worry. We gambled our money away at Monte Carlo, which is just as good as Vegas... right?

3. CMCers usually like their beverages from a red cup, but take a hint from the ever classy James Bond and have a martini shaken, not stirred, next time you're parched for a drink. Keep your fingers crossed for the theater to pull through, but you should definitely be looking forward to a Thursday midnight showing of the new James Bond flick: Quantum of Solace. FMI: Check your inboxes for an e-mail from your class president.

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