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The ASCMC Morning Report

November 3, 2008

by Tammy Phan

Halloween may be over, but the treat that is the Morning Report is still here: 

1. MONTE CARLO. Tickets will be sold during lunch, dinner, and snack (save possibly for election night dinner) at Collins Dining Hall. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Get dressed up and celebrate homecoming like you're in high school again. Except this is better than high school.

2. This Tuesday is going to be HUGE. Head to McKena Auditorium between 6 and 9-10ish to celebrate/commiserate over the presidential election results with your favorite Dems, Republicans, libertarians, and decline-to-staters. If you're going to the Ath (Obama's favorite Chicago-style deep dish pizza AND Palin's "moose" cake?!), be sure to hit up McKenna afterwards.

3. Like futbol more than football? Lucky you. The Claremont FC's club recognition request was approved last night. One of their goals: "allow students a chance to play small-sided games of soccer." The club meets several times a week, so make sure to catch 'em on Parents Field if you're interested.

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