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The ASCMC Morning Report

October 13, 2008

by Tammy Phan

Things I'm looking forward to: Finally being able to wear a sweater outside instead of just in over-ACed classrooms, the end of midterms, relaxing during fall break, bringing you the ASCMC Morning Report.... 

1. Your kindness? My kindness? OurKindness. The newest CMC club, OurKindness, was approved last night. If you're into spreadin' the love through community service, recognition, and random acts of kindness, and want to help encourage a more positive atmosphere, then look for more info about joining from OurKindess.

2. Dean Huang will be joining Senate (Mondays at 10PM, Bauer Forum) to discuss a possible change in housing prices.

3. There are some great Halloween events coming up soon. (Hint: Some of them will most likely include such All Hallows' Eve fun as pumpkins, caramel apples, and trick or "treat.") As always, watch your e-mails for the info.

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