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The ASCMC Morning Report

September 22, 2008

by Tammy Phan

(Pronounced ri-pohr. And yes, it is the late afternoon.) ASCMC Executive Board updates from September 21st, 2008:

1. The Next Big Thing's club recognition request was approved. So look for them if you're interested in going to concerts, love indie rock, or just into the music scene.

2. ASCMC freshman class president elections will take place at the end of this month. Candidates' speeches: Tuesday, Sept. 30th at snack (in Collins) Election day: Wednesday, Oct. 1st during lunch and dinner (in Collins) *Absentee voting (by e-mail) will also be an option. More information on the election and the candidates coming soon on The Forum.

3. The new hours for the HUB and the HUB grill (it's actually open when we want to go there now) are doing well. More student events will also be hosted there in the near future.

4. Two words: Daniel. Tosh. He's definitely a laugh riot, so don't miss out when he's here on October 3rd at 8:00 PM in Big Bridges. Tickets are only $5 for CMC students and $12 for non-CMC students. Buy your tickets from ASCMC at dinner or snack all week long, or order them online on The Forum.

Minutes from this week's meeting will be available in its entirety online next week at after it is approved. To request past minutes (eventually they'll all be available online) or for more information, e-mail

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