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The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

September 26, 2008

by Katherine Wernet

This past week I have had no computer. While other students happily perused Facebook, I turned on my Macbook only to find a flashing folder with a question mark on it. It is a logo I have learned to despise. A pilgrimage to the nearest Apple Store offered no appeal and was hardly an option as I have no car. Those of my friends who do possess automobiles were little help as my classes were during their only free time. The way I figured, Fall Break wasn’t too far off, and I could just frequent South Lab until then. It would suck, but it would also build character.

However, unbeknownst to me, Huntley, our very own bookstore, actually provides Mac repair service. Each day they ship students’ Macs to Cornice, an Apple authorized service provider. Cornice is a Mom and Pop shop full of friendly, geeky people who are only too eager to help. If one has Apple Care the repair is free even, and they use only Apple parts. In addition to dealing with the laptops, Cornice services iPods, as well. The average turnaround for the 5Cs is a mere three to four days.

It seems odd that so few students are aware of this convenience. Huntley has been taking care of students’ Macs for two and a half years, yet so many are still attempting to schedule appointments with the socially inept Apple employees at the Genius Bar. When I told my friends Kathryn and Tessa about this Huntley business, they gasped in disbelief, cursing the day when they had traveled to Victoria Gardens to get new hard drives. Only about ten students bring laptops in each month. Part of the problem, I’m told, is that it is difficult to advertise. Huntley doesn’t wish to constantly fill our inboxes with junk, and few students visit the store after book buying early on in the semester.

It is my hope that in the future more will think of the short jaunt over to Huntley in times of need. For those who do not have Macs, well, Huntley has nothing to offer. Best bet is IT.

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