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Surpriiiiiise! Experts release report on bleak employment prospects for the Class of '09

October 22, 2008

by The Forum

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently released their Job Outlook Report for 2009, describing the job market the Class of 2009 will face. From NACE:

Current projected hiring for the Class of 2009 shows very little growth over the hiring levels for the Class of 2008, but no expected decline. Among respondents to an October poll, 52 percent of employers say that they will be hiring fewer graduates during the 2009 recruiting season than they hired from the Class of 2008. The decreased expectation for college hiring that occurred between August and October was broadly felt across industries.

Not surprisingly, financial services are seeing the greatest effects. The Wall Street Journal also published an article on the topic. As it noted, however, there is some hope:

The employment outlook is not all bad, career counselors say. Despite cutbacks in finance, retail, manufacturing and construction, demand for recent graduates remains high in fields such as accounting, public service, health care, education and technology.The federal government, in particular, is boosting campus recruiting ahead of anticipated worker shortages. By 2016, nearly 61% of current full-time government employees will be eligible for retirement, according to U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

On the plus side, HAPPY 200 DAYS SENIORS!!!!!!!!

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