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November 14, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

Seeing as how our gay marriage article has gotten so much attention, I thought students might be interested in some more info on sexual orientation at CMC and the 5 C's.

  • 3.2 percent of CMCers self-identify as gay, while 2.2 percent claim to be bisexual and 1 percent say they are unsure

  • 93.6 percent of CMCers say they are heterosexual

In an interesting comparison with the 5 C's as a whole, CMC comparatively actually has MORE self-identifying gays than the rest of the consortium. The consortium has 2.7 percent of students that identify as gay, while CMC has 3.2 percent.

However, it should be noted that CMCers tend to be much more sure about their sexuality than kids at the other schools (so maybe we are suppressing experimentation?). While only 1 percent at CMC say they are unsure about their sexuality, 2.8 percent in the consortium say they are unsure. Additionally, 5 percent in the consortium identify as bisexual, while only 2.2 percent of CMCers do.

This information comes from the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) created by the American College Health Association (ACHA). It is administered biannually by Health Education Outreach to the 5 C's, this information comes from last spring's responses. The data is statistically significant (meaning that we can trust it) with more than 30 percent of CMCers responding, and over 2,000 students in the consortium as a whole responding.

In an ongoing series, the Forum will be publishing juicy tid bits of statistics on sex, drugs, alcohol, and other health issues at the 5 C's.

As a quick preview to what is in store, in a single school year:

  • CMC men average 2.34 sexual partners with a standard deviation of 1.83

  • CMC men hook up with more people compared to other Claremont kids, the consortium average is 1.91 partners with a standard deviation of 1.66

  • All CMCers actually hook up more, even the women, our overall average is 2.12 partners, still beating the consortium's 1.91

  • Damn we are sexy!

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