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OMFG!!! Facebook Change @ Claremont

November 7, 2008

by The Forum

We are now a part of the "Claremont Colleges" network, instead of "Claremont."  Pomona students must have complained enough that Mr. Zuckerberg made a concession. In case you were ever wondering why the five colleges share the same network (besides making it easier for you to stalk people in your classes), our friends at the new CMCNation have an answer:

When Facebook first came to the Claremont Colleges in 2003 their computer servers were not exactly equipped to handle the insane amount of cross-college connections. Within hours of launching the site at the Claremont Colleges, we brought their servers to a crashing halt for three days. Since the infamous Facebook crash, we have since been referred to as one network -  Claremont.
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