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New Claremont Port Side Issue

December 9, 2008

by The Forum

The Claremont Port Side, Claremont's progressive/liberal magazine, just published a new issue and it is available online at

1) The most relevant article to CMCers is Michael Wilner's piece on CMC's future potential expansion east into Upland. Summary: While construction to the east of CMC is controversial, this would shorten the drive to In N Out.

2) Andrew Bluebond wrote a piece on bias-related incidents at the Claremont Colleges. Summary:  CMC students are entitled to freedom of speech and all that, except in cases of harassment, yelling fire in crowded theater, etc.  Also, the administration is free to send out e-mails about bias-related incidents.

Side note: It can be hard to determine what constitutes harassment, which has been a point of contention by some students recently.

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