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Need a Halloween Costume?

October 9, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

It is almost already Halloween again, and unless you are a hater of all fun, frivolity, and debauchery, then you will probably be needing a Halloween costume. As always there are many options out there: you can go to a specialty Halloween store (like Spirit by Ontario Mills), you can make your own super creative costume that no one else has, you can buy a costume online, OR you can go to Harlequinn Costume, a year-round costume shop in Ontario. Many students have never heard of Harlequinn Costume, or don't know about it, but it is actually one of the best options for Halloween costumes in the area. While the place does sell costumes, it primarily rents them. This means that they basically have a huge collection of every costume you can possibly imagine, and oftentimes they are really high quality. Want to get one of those giant mascott outfits that costs like $200, no problem, you can rent it there for the full Halloween weekend for around $40.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Harlequinn costume is the management. The store is owned by a Pitzer alum and his wife. They are super cool and they will work with you to design whatever kind of costume you want. Literally, they will just let you try on stuff for hours, mixing and matching and trying different sizes. Even cooler, as a Claremont Colleges alum, the owner is offering A 10 PERCENT DISCOUNT FOR ALL CLAREMONT COLLEGES STUDENTS.

So before you settle for painting a cardboard box you found behind the football stands or buying one of the cheap and lame costumes from Spirit, stop by and check out Harlequinn Costumes. I got my costume there the last two years and have been very satisfied. And in case you are wondering, yes, they do have 11 full gorilla costumes ready to go.

The full store information is:

720 S Milliken Ave # G Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 390-8527

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