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Major Athenaeum Renovations

October 5, 2008

by The Forum

Haven't had enough renovations and construction noise on CMC's campus lately?

From Michael Wilner '11:

"A donor is very interested in renovating the Athenaeum. My sources told me that, "once someone gets this interested in a project, that project shoots to the top of our priority list" - indicating that this could get started relatively quickly. The projected cost is $2.5 million. The renovations would only be interior. One major need is to increase the number of residences upstairs, to allow more guests to stay on campus at once. Other priorities include acoustics, furniture, and lighting. Keep in mind that the big, main room wasn't meant to be one room, so that attributes to many of these problems."

I guess we'll see if this comes through or not in the coming months or years.

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