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Ludacris Concert-- Frequently Asked Questions

October 24, 2008

by The Forum

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ludacris Concert.  If you have more questions, please contact Erik Hansell '09 or Isayas Theodros '10.

Will it sell out? Last night, over 550 CMC students bought tickets and the other 4Cs have already started selling tickets (at Bridges).  There are 2450 seats in Bridges and over 5,000 students at the 5Cs (and ticket sales are open to the general public).  We expect to sell out.

Will it be lame because it's in Bridges? No, Bridges can get down.  Also, we'll have a ridiculous set on stage, great opening acts, etc.  We're pretty confident it will be amazing.

Where can CMC students buy tickets? Buy them from Jim Nauls or someone in DOS in Heggblade for now until they sell out.  As of this writing, there are very few left for $20 with your CMC ID, limit one per ID (if your ID was used to buy one already, that's all you can buy for $20).  Get em get em.  After the $20 tickets sell out, you can pay $45 for CMC seating at DOS, or $35 for general admission seating at Bridges Auditorium (CMC seating is the best).

Where can Pomona/Scripps/Mudd/Pitzer students buy tickets? Buy them from Big Bridges' Ticket Office.  Tickets will not be sold by Ticketmaster, and tickets are expected to sell out.  Get yours ASAP.  They are $35. 

Tickets for non-5C students (and open to the public): Buy from Big Bridges' Ticket Office now.  The price is $45 for non-5C students.

How much did CMC pay for Ludacris?  Will we make profit? CMC students love questions about profit.  Ludacris was expensive (as Luda should be), and we had to pay to rent out Bridges Auditorium (it's operated by the Consortium but owned by Pomona), but we hope to roughly break even after revenue from ticket sales.  Any profit or loss will go to ASCMC, which is financing this visit with revenues from stuff like clothing sales, advertising revenue (the textbook ads on this site), yearbook sales, student fees, etc..  As for specific numbers, we hope to do stuff like this more in the future, so we don't want to publicly announce the details of the contract.

Ludacris? LUDA!

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