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How To Tuesday

November 10, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

As I entered second semester of my junior year, I suddenly found myself bored by the familiar grind of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night parties and looking for something new. This year, I found it, the most underrated party night of the week: Tuesday.

While many people know that Wednesdays have a lot to offer between IM Bowling (and after parties) and Pomona's Pub Night in Smith Campus Center, I rarely hear a CMCer argue the merits of Tuesday night partying.

The truth is a well-kept Claremont secret. Tuesday nights can be some of the most fun party nights of the week. Here is a guide to how to get your Tuesday on:


It is Tuesday, a week night, the key to making Tuesday night partying satisfying is feeling like not only did you have an awesome party night, but also that you accomplished something and you are not falling into the depths of alcoholism. This means that you should do a bunch of school work early in the night on Tuesday. As you cruise through school work, not only will the pressure of work hanging over your head slowly be released, but anticipation will build for the party that is about about to be unleashed upon you. Ideally, you should try to hold out as long as possible on this step, even until 10 or 10:30.


So, it is 10 or 10:30, all (or most) of your homework is done and you can't stand it any longer, you gots to party. Pour yourself a drink, turn on some music, call some friends, and do whatever is necessary to convince them to come out (they won't regret it). As people arrive, get some good conversation going, unwind from the work night, and at about 11 start the drinking games. Pick some simple ones--beirut is too long for this part of the night. Games based on quarters and chanting work well, but if you are bored of those, look something up online and try something new.

At about 11:20, when you have a good buzz going, it is time to head off for step 3.

NOTE: Not all CMCers drink, so if you don't drink, skip the drinking part of these instructions and kick back with some friends doing the same stuff minus drinking.


So, not everyone knows this, but every Tuesday night, Pomona has a dance party in the basement of Smith Campus Center called "Table Manners." Imagine one of those steamy, slightly disgusting Cabrones dance parties in Benson, now imagine a dance party that is the opposite and that is what Table Manners is like. Not many people are grinding up on each other or making out, and not a lot of rap or reggaeton gets played. It is usually a lot of techno style dance music, and people just dance their asses off. Even if you think you don't like dancing, try this party and you might. Anything goes here, let your inhibitions go, relax from work and dance your troubles away, no one is going to judge you. Table Manners ends at 12, so you should shoot to arrive somewhere between 11:30 and 11:40 and dance non-stop from your arrival until the lights come on.


At midnight, Table Manners ends and you have a choice to make. Some of you will still have work to do, and if you have a strong will, you can actually return to your work at this point in the night, and make your hour and a half of party time an amazing break rather than a night thrown down the drain. If you have a weak will--like most--or you have finished your work (lucky!) you will want to keep the party ball rolling. On Tuesday nights, there are a group of dedicated CMCers that play mixed doubles beirut in North Quad.

These people are usually friendly, so even if you don't know them, grab some brews from your room (you would need 3 per game), find a partner, introduce yourself and call next game on a table. Work on those beirut skills until you have had enough or consumed all your beer and then prepare for step 5.


There are a lot of ways to go with this. If you can find someone sober to drive, you might want to head to Alberto's, mentioned in Josh Siegel's post on best food in Claremont. Another popular option is pizza delivery, although most places close by 1 AM, so you have to strategically order it before they close. Mix Bowl is open with awesome Thai food (at least it tastes awesome under the circumstances) for delivery until 2 AM, which is another option.

OR, if you are lucky enough to live in the senior apartments or have a friend that does and is still up, make something awesome in your apartment and eat it.


Heavy and fulfilled from an awesome night of productive work and partying, hit the sack. Don't forget to brush your teeth and set your alarm before you go to bed. Maybe even drink a glass of water to ensure that you can still make it to those Wednesday morning classes hang over-free.

Okay, good talk Claremont, see you out there.

NOTE: Many CMCers would skip the Table Manners step entirely and go straight to beirut, while this is a strategic decision that has various advantages and disadvantages, I would advise those who have never been to Table Manners to at least try it once and see... I think there are definite benefits to the dance portion of the night that simply are not recouped through additional beirut play.

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