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Fresh & Easy

September 19, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

Another grocery shopping option has come to the Claremont area this year (or at least I never knew about it before this year). It is called Fresh & Easy and it is on Foothill in the shopping center that is at San Antonio. You basically just drive up Claremont Blvd and then make a right on Foothill and keep going until San Antonio and then you turn into the shopping center there. Many of you may know this shopping center as the location of Liquorama. Anyway, Fresh & Easy is exactly what the name says. It is has high quality foods at low prices, and there aren't a million options to drive you crazy, there are just 1 or 2 brands of any given item. I went there for the first time and really liked it. The store has a really fun and user friendly feel with plenty of tasty food. For seniors off the meal plan this year, looking for an alternative to the standard groceries in the area (Albertson's and Vons) and who don't want to go to Sprouts (which I hear is kind of pricey), Fresh & Easy might be a great option for you.

Perhaps best of all, Fresh & Easy is located next to Liquorama, the liquor store with by far the best beer selection in the Claremont area. So next time you need to do some grocery shopping or are going on an alcohol run, kill two birds with one stone and head over to Fresh & Easy, and you can get yourself some high quality food and high quality brews.

The official location info is here:

829 W Foothill Upland, CA 91786 (909) 608-1027

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