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November 2, 2008

by Ian McGinnity

I love Poppa Lab because at any given time, over half of the students working there are on Facebook, checking their emails, watching Youtube videos, or doing any other type of activity that could never be defined as productive. Such is life. In fact, procrastinating is such a potent problem that some people even make rules for themselves in order to increase productivity. For instance, Joseph Brodsky CMC '11 said that sometimes while working in Poppa, he keeps a tally of how many times he logged onto Facebook. At the end of the week, he looks at the total number of times he logged in and then attaches clothespins to his nipples for an allotted amount of time: A minute for every log-in.

"It really gives me the extra motivation to get work done," he was quoted saying.

However, if clothespins aren't your thing and you really didn't want to get anything done anyway, promises some of the heartiest laughs you'll have all week. Page after page of hilarity and human stupidity will leave your abs burning and turtle-shelled, and your mind addicted and wanting more. Failblog, I wish I knew how to quit you...

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