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ED Decisions Released Today at 5pm PST

December 14, 2008

by The Forum

ED 1 decisions will  go out today at 5pm PST, and they will be available online. This year CMC had 210 ED 1 apps , up 29% from last year's 163 ED 1 applications. The CMC Admission office does not release specific ED I data until the entire class has been admitted. Early Decision at CMC usually only accounts for a little less than 1/3 of the entire freshman class. Admission for the Class of 2012 was 19%.

About the application pool:

“This is a very strong group of admits with great deal of ethnic, geographical, socioeconomic, and political diversity."

- Richard Vos, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Reasons for increase in apps:

“Probably the best theory is that in uncertain economic times HS students are looking for something that is certain, they want the comfort of knowing early where they'll be going to college this fall.”

- Richard Vos

“Consistent with our overall application pools in recent years, we have seen large gains in the numbers of international students applying to CMC. We have made significant investments in recruiting abroad over the last few years and they are continuing to pay off in terms of student interest. This ED pool continues to validate the fact that international recruiting works well for us.”

- Adam Sapp, Associate Dean of Admission

What does this mean for Regular Decision?

“It’s too early to tell what will happen with our Regular Decision applications. Indications from colleagues I have other colleges in New England indicate a mixed bag so far. Some schools think they’ll be up in regular, others are running at about even pace with last year and anticipate being flat or up only 1 or 2%. We really will not know more until the first week of January.”

- Adam Sapp

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