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Crime Report For Claremont McKenna College

October 1, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

The 2007 Crime Report for the Claremont Colleges was released today. Beneath numerous pages of official policy came the actual crime statistics and without a doubt, the most interesting part of the report. It is pasted here for those too lazy to sift through the pdf document. Things to note in the statistics:

  • Despite popular myth, CMC actually had far less sex offenses than the other Claremont Colleges. CMC had only 1 reported sex offense last year, compared to 11 in the Claremont Colleges as a whole. Clearly CMC guys are not the date rapists that Pomona men would have their women believe them to be. Sorry Pomoners, your last-ditch effort to keep what good-looking women you have away from the devilish charm and good looks of CMC guys is done.

  • Burglaries were down last year from 2006. I wonder if they will come back up with the economic downturn. Claremont yuppies foreclosed out of their million dollar inland empire homes may turn to stealing PlayStations from college students to alleviate their economic woes.

  • CMC had noticeably more liquor law violation referrals last year, with 22 compared to 5 the year before. This is undoubtedly due to the much talked-about record alcohol poisoning numbers we had last year.

  • I was also surprised to see that 6 CMCers had their cars stolen last year. I think that "other" in the column means that it did not happen at CMC, but still, that seems like a lot of stolen cars. I guess LA is dangerous after all.

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