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CMC Shows It Deserves the Title of "Hottest College in an Election" Year

October 2, 2008

by Kyle Ragins

In Kaplan/Newsweek's 2008 college guide, Claremont McKenna College, as many of you know, was named the "Hottest College in an Election Year." Tonight proved that we deserve the title. The Athenaeum set up an event to watch the Vice Presidential debate today and students flooded the room. I would estimate over 200 students in attendance at the debate. So many students showed up that some were forced to sit on the floor in the back of the room as the Ath ran out of chairs to accomodate the crowd. I felt this outpouring of interest in the Vice Presidential debate--not even Presidential--proved that we deserve our rep. The students in the room listened attently to the arguments made on both sides, with cheers and applause along with boos and hisses spontaneously breaking out on both sides of the political aisle.

Tonight, attending this debate party, I felt proud to go to a school where students care so much. Maybe it really is true what they say, that the youth demographic is finally getting involved and becoming a major force in the political process. If tonight was any indication, I would say, not only has CMC proved that it is in fact the "hottest college in an election year," but that the youth, at least at CMC, really, truly is showing an interest in this election.

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