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Claremont Confessions (.com)

October 5, 2008

by The Forum

We were recently tipped off about a new site,, a 5C-only alternative to other message boards.  It looks pretty good so far. A bit from the "About" section of the website:

"1) We keep it classy. 2) You can report anything by clicking "report" next to a post-- personal attacks, libel, etc. If an administrator agrees that the post violates the terms of service, we will delete it. 3) The site is only visible to on-campus computers (in the future, we will figure out a way to make it accessible from home over breaks, etc.). Some ese from Chino Hills isn't writing or reading Claremont Confessions. This also means that Claremont Confessions isn't accessible to search engines (important if you want a job). 4) No advertising. We aren't profiting from asking people to "give us the juice." 5) Claremont Confessions is a truly 5C website. These days, nothing is really 5C anymore, and it's starting to become a problem."

Disclaimer: Claremont Confessions is not affiliated with ASCMC or The Forum.

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