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Check Your Grades Before January 2nd

December 16, 2008

by The Forum

If you want to be sneaky, you can check your grades online on the portal.  

While many of you know this already, this might be helpful for freshmen: 

1.  Log in to the Portal: 

2.  Click the "Grades" link. 

3.  You should see your current "session" GPA if any of your professors have entered their grades, and the number of credits that GPA represents. 

4.  If you want to figure out which ones haven't entered grades yet, you can click on the "GPA Projection" and see which ones aren't listed.

If you check this every few days (OK, ten times a day), you shouldn't have to wait until January 2nd to know just how screwed you are for summer internships, especially in this job market.

Post in the comments or ask someone if you still can't figure it out-- the Registrar's office, like much of the rest of CMC's administration, is incredibly outdated when it comes to technology, so it can be hard to figure this out.

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