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Best of Claremont: Food

November 2, 2008

by The Forum

My recommendations (off campus):

Best Open 24/7 

Alberto's Mexican Food-- On Central Ave. just south of the I-10.

(Drive south on Central and it'll be on your left on the first block after you pass the 10.  It's kind of shady and I don't know if it has a real address, but trust me, you'll be glad you went.)

One Joe Swartley introduced me to this one-- they're open 24/7 and have amazing (and very cheap) burritos and other mexican stuff, especially appropriate for post-TNC munchies. Drive-thru or outdoor seating, which is very nice on a warm night.  Very nice people.  Get a friend to drive you there some night after Chipotle and even Dominos is closed, and you won't regret it.  Also, I've never been before midnight, but it might be good during the day too?

Best Way to Spend Your Dining Flex Money 

Challah for Hunger-- online delivery to your door

Humanitarianism aside, this is some awesome baked bread.  Fill out the online form with Claremont Cash, Flex Dollars, or cash on delivery, and get fresh, hot bread delivered to your door.  They have a few options-- my favorite is the whole wheat chocolate chip-- sweet, gooey, warm chocolate mixed into the bread.  So good.  This program is volunteer-run, and proceeds help fight hunger in Africa or some worthy cause, so you'll feel good eating it.  Get some.

Best Deli 

Wolfe's Market-- On Foothill and Harvard, only a block west from the 5Cs.

Founded in 1917 so you know it's good.  It's basically a small grocery store, kind of like Whole Foods, with a deli, butcher, etc.  Very good sandwiches at the deli.  They have a few dozen types of deli meat, cheese, and lots of other options at the hot food counter-- pastrami, pasta, roast beef au jus, etc.  Don't believe me?  Check out these reviews.

Best Smoothie 

Claremont Juice Company-- In the Village on Yale Ave between 1st and 2nd Streets

Good smoothies and very good, healthy sandwiches.  Horrible service though-- they're nice about it, but they take forever making food and smoothies.  Jamba juice is much faster and more streamlined (probably takes them 1/5th of the time to get a smoothie at Jamba), but Claremont Juice Co. is better.

Best Japanese Food and Drink Experience Extravaganza 

Kinya Sushi-- In the Village on Indian Hill and Bonita

Last time I was there, they were giving us free salads and the sushi chef was screaming "saaaakeeee" and sake bombing with us.  The sushi is good too, but you won't really find amazing sushi around these parts anyway-- go to LA for that.  There's also a 10% student discount.


Have more suggestions?  Leave them in the comments!

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