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ASCMC Candidates for President and VP

March 2, 2008

by The Forum

The following are statements from the candidates for ASCMC President and Vice President. For statements from individuals running for other positions (Class President, DAC, SAC, SLC), come to snack tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10:30 PM for candidate speeches. Elections are Wednesday at Collins or the Senior Apartments. To avoid waiting in line (or if you are off campus), e-mail Paul Snell '08 for an online ballot (psnell08 at cmc) now.

Again, the candidates: President: Erik Hansell and Emily Schlothan VP: Isayas Theodros, Shamil Hargovan, and Ross Boomer


ERIK HANSELL '09, running for ASCMC President

When you go to vote this Wednesday in Collins, the ballot will have two candidates for ASCMC President: Erik Hansell and Emily Schlothan. As a result, most people would think that this election is about myself versus Emily, but I don’t think that’s the case. School elections should never be about one candidate against another; instead, they should be about electing the right person to get the job done.

Student body elections are about making sure we will always have free paper in our computer labs. They’re about making sure our parties stay awesome. Student body elections are about keeping Madrigals a strong CMC tradition. They’re about getting a concert here – someone like Kanye West, Talib Kweli, or Jack Johnson – to come here and perform. This election isn’t about Erik versus Emily: it’s about making sure next year is among the best of our lives.

ASCMC has done a lot of really great things this year. 5:01 was awesome. The trips to the Getty, and the “Lost” or “The Office” watching party nights were all awesome. The Dodger game trip that you’ve been hearing about that I organized is going to be awesome. But there are some things ASCMC needs to work on. We need to work to get the Hub hours open at times that are actually convenient. We need a concert or big time comedian to come to our school. We need to keep Madrigals as a tradition at CMC. In short, there remains a lot of good work to be done.

There are a lot of things I want to do next year – certainly more than I can say in 400 words. But remember, when you go to vote on Wednesday, vote wisely. You may just vote for the best year of your life.


EMILY SCHLOTHAN '09, running for ASCMC President

Why you should vote for me for ASCMC President…

…I am committed to CMC – I want to give something back to the school and students who have helped me through the last two and a half, almost three, years.

…I have experience with ASCMC – I had the opportunity to act as ASCMC Executive Secretary during the 2006-2007 academic year.

…I am a hard worker and a quick learner – while I may not have as much experience with ASCMC as my opponent, I am a quick learner and will work hard to make sure I do my best.

…which is another thing: I will do my best.

…I am responsible and organized – I was WOA director last year and in charge of planning all nine of the amazing trips that the freshman this year participated in. Talk about a job requiring organizational skills!

…I am willing to put aside my current projects to complete projects for ASCMC and, by extension, the student body.

…and lastly, I promise that I will not make promises that I cannot keep. I will not commit to something that I cannot follow through with.



Dearest CMC, Hello! I thought about posting my speech, but that would make Tuesday night boring (although if you will be unable to attend due to being abroad, midterms, "sexy time," or other legitimate reasons, I'll be more than willing to send you copy of my notes).

Instead, I invite you to join me for dinner at Scripps and watch my YouTube video where I discuss my campaign and why tornados in Kansas are the reason you should vote for me (I start this subject at about 2:40):

Also, I recently wrote a piece for the Forum about my illicit love affair with every student at CMC. You can read it here:

Thanks for your time! I hope I can be your vice on Wednesday. Best, Ross Boomer



My fellow CMCers:

As the longest serving candidate (2 years) in this race I am running for ASCMC Vice-President because there is a lot I believe I can do for you. I understand what needs to be done next year and I have goals for ASCMC and CMC. My platform rests on four main ideas:

Financial Reasonability

As Vice-President you are in many ways an administrator; you will pay clean-up bills, negotiate with DOS about social life on campus, and you are one of 7 people budgeting $290,000 to clubs, class presidents, SAC, SLC, security, etc. As CO Chair, I have had this opportunity and see room for improvement so that (unlike our sisters in the south) we don’t waste money and put what we have to good use.

Right to Party

DOS sees this as a privilege; I see it as a right. The ASCMC Vice-President is not directly involved in throwing parties, but they fight for your right to party so you can do what you do best. With the recent crack-down I know I have built relationships with the administration and followed the situation closely enough to deal with the transition and make sure it is in our favor. That is why partiers like Sam and Yohei are backing my campaign.

ASCMC & CMC Reaching their Potential

CMC has always thrived on its students excelling and making headlines. I helped create the student trips fund dedicated to student initiatives. ASCMC needs to do the basics right, like pay you on time when you have turned in a check request. ASCMC is an avenue we can use to vigorously lobby the administration, on issues from faculty appointments to student programs.

Open Accountable Government

The Vice-President runs the Senate and makes appointments to committees. This needs to be fair and open. CMCers should have a way to chime in on issues like the Day gift or campus expansion.

You may have seen my fliers on campus with Teddy Roosevelt’s quote, “speak softly and carry a big stick;” when it comes to DOS, I will make sure your interests are protected, and when it come to the 5C student governments I will make sure ASCMC is represented with resolve.

Check out my campaign video on YouTube!

Counting on you on March 5th,

Shamil Hargovan

Former 2010 Class President and current ASCMC Campus Organizations Chair

“Passion, Vision, Experience” 



So besides the fact that CMC is one of the best liberal arts schools in the nation, it is filled with the best people as well. The people are one of the biggest factors that makes our campus so unique in comparison to the others. In addition, ASCMC does a great job of accommodating the needs of its students, and that fact is understood outside of our school and all around the 5 C’s. I mean, even my friends from high school see this place as a utopia for college students.

Over this last year, I served as the 2010 Class President and I have learned so many things about the ASCMC organization as well as the campus. One thing I learned was the tremendous amount of planning and patience it takes to throw a successful 5-C party. Especially after the recent situations we have had with the Dean of Students Office, I learned how much our students value the social life that can be found on our campus. At the same time, I learned how there are an equal amount of students who value the “lets not party every night of the week” side of our school’s social life. With all the brilliant hardworking students we have here, I know how important it is for ASCMC officers to sustain an environment where we can continue to see our school grow in the direction it has been moving.

Ensuring that great performances come to campus and that senate is run to its best potential are only some of the responsibilities that I am aware need to be carried out efficiently. Whether if I am helping ensure we maintain our social rights and privileges or helping to keep the members of our board accountable and proactive, I know that my main goal is to help this school reach its highest potential.

More than anything, it is important to know I am involved only because I love this school so much. The opportunities and good times our school provides us with cannot be compared to anything at any other place. For this reason, it’s important that this aspect of CMC is never compromised. And as ASCMC Vice President, I will make it my priority to see that this particular aspect of CMC continues to set the standard.

I have genuinely high hopes for our student body, and I am ready to take us there.

Love Always, Isayas Theodros 2010 Class President

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