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20 Ways Thesis is Like a Bad Girlfriend

November 23, 2008

by Gui Schils
  • She's high maintenance

  • I lose sleep over her

  • She's analytical

  • All input, no output

  • She's boring

  • She makes me read

  • She doesn't like when I go out

  • I always have to back her up

  • My parents don't know anything about her

  • She has a terrible sense of humor

  • I don't understand her

  • My coach considers her a distraction

  • My friends hate her

  • She doesn't let me watch TV

  • She's difficult to read

  • She leaves her sh*t all over my room

  • She always wants to spend more time with me

  • When I'm with her, I can't wait to be doing something else

  • I cheated on her

  • I'm getting rid of her in a week

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